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Yearly Permit Testing

If your boiler needs to pass a yearly test to satisfy permit conditions, itís a good idea to get the combustion checked and fine-tuned prior to the test. On site testing is an expensive process, and a failed test will result in a notice to suspend operation of the unit from the local authority. We have extensive experience and portable flue gas analysers which can be used to verify that your boiler is operating within permit conditions prior to the test occurring and if not make the necessary alterations.

Call M Baxter Biomass Consultants to discuss your testing requirements and ensure your boiler passes first time.

Continuous monitoring

Operating boilers to meet emissions limits during continuous monitoring is far more difficult to achieve. It is critical that processes that control the fuel feed to the boiler are designed such that variations in the fuel are minimised. This is a common problem in the wood working industry for example, where the waste stream to the boiler is highly variable.

RHI emissions certificates

M Baxter Biomass has worked extensively with several boiler manufacturers to design and optimise boilers and filtration systems to meet RHI emissions limits on a wide variety of different fuels

Waste wood / IED (WID) compliance -

Meeting the IED requirements for burning waste fuel is very challenging. There are many types of boiler on the market, but very few are actually suitable for burning waste wood at all, especially if compliance with the IED is required. Selection of the correct boiler type for this task is critical to the success of the project, as is an integrated approach to design and execution of the entire system including:

Justsen JWB 3.0 boiler in IED compliant system

hydraulic pusher fuel feed for IED compliant waste wood system

Fully water cooled combustion chamber for waste wood combustion

Grecon water douse to protect bag filters in IED compliant system

Call M Baxter Biomass Consultants to discuss IED compliant biomass systems in detail.

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